GER 33 Magic Marine

€ 17,500.00


Magic Marine GER 33, 2000 Murray (McConaghy)

Proved fast & highly competitive boat

2nd European Grand Prix Series overall 2012

3rd European Grand Prix Series overall 2013

UK-Champion 2012

German Champion 2012 & 2013

German Tour winner 2008 and 2012, 2nd 2014 (Winner Travemünder week and Berlin Race)

1st German Grand Prix 2015 and 2nd European Tour 2015

2nd German Grand Prix 2016 and 3rd Europeans 2016



Boat comes with one of the best collection of Rigs and Sails in Europe, as it contains:


Mast: C-Tech 2009 High Modular, reinforced in 2013, plus Mastprodder in 2013 and new shrouds
Main 3DL: North UK 2013
Jib 3DL: North NZ 2014
Kite: North NZ 2013
Sparekite: North UK 2010

Mast: C-Tech 2012, Masttrack completely done in 2014
Main 3DL: North NZ 2012
Jib 3DL: North NZ 2012
Kite: North NZ 2012
Sparekite: North AUS 2007
Sparejib: North AUS 2006


Carbonboom (extrastiff and extra light (4,6 kg) from Denmark)
Carbonbowsprit (C-Tech 2013) plus
Spare Carbonbowsprit 2004
3 Carbontillers
Carbonrudder and Carboncenterboard (complete maintainance 2013)

Roadtrailer (Gebr.Sach 2009) with big case to open with boat ontop, complete with all kinds of tools, tubes, wires and lots of ropes (boat was sponsored by Liros Germany).

Boat has been reinforced with Tubes in the frontside 2011 and in the back 2013 according to the rules to achieve same stiffness as the new decks from Van Munster.

The hull is completely renovated and nearly absolutely dry, rebuild in 2012 and 2013 for more than € 7000,- New Deck in 2016

The boat is more than ready to race: Its ready to race without any problems the next years and one of the best and fastest in Europe, very well maintained.

Boat can be delivered immediately. A training and tuning session after selling can be included if neccessary.





Norbert Peter

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