Ella Bache

£ 3,500.00


Bethwaite MK3 18ft Skiff built in the 90s.

Believe to have been sailed as Schapello and then as Ella Bache on Sydney harbour until purchased by the current owner in 2012.

In 2013, the hull was stripped back to its original shape (filler having been added to widen some parts) a new carbon skin was added and deck block mountings reinforced. Running gear was all replaced. At the beginning of the season, the dolphin striker broke with the kite up. The ensuing bend caused some superficial cracks around the prod mount. The access hatch on the rear of the deck lets water in to the hull so would need to looked at and probably sealed.

What she comes with:

Carbon prod -2014

Aluminium prod

Carbon boom- older oval shape which would need to be lengthened if you wanted to use the latest no 1 sails.

Aluminium boom.

Carbon number 1 and 2 rigs- both were designed for pin head sails. The number 1 mast was strengthened in the top 1/3rd to handle a square top. The C-tech sail has only been added this year, it seems to be working but the rig could possibly do with more stiffening.

The number 2 mast has not yet been modified as square top no 2 sails have been difficult to come by.  The mast comes with new mast tracks which were going to be fitted when it was strengthened.

Dagger board and rudder are both carbon on wood core.

Tiller extensions- two carbon and one aluminium.

Cradle- aluminium with beechie wheels. This is the second season with the beechie wheels, they work brilliantly on sand and allow us to walk the boat and cradle straight in to the water. I'm still trying to devise a better way of making them removable with the limited resources in Dubai.

Sails- c-tech number one with carbon fiber battens. The sail was originally made when the mast sleeve was being tried. C-tech used it a couple of times and then put a hole in one of the upper panels, they then put it aside and went back to bolt ropes and bigger sails. It was modified with bolt rope and repaired and I've used it about five times. It's still in very good condition and with the close weaver carbon has a lot of life left in it.

One of the number 1 pin heads were cut down to make a square top number 2. There is a set of six battens that were purchased from c-tech to go with the sail but  neither has been used as the sail has started delaminating and I didn't want to cut down the battens to fit in case I could get hold of a newer no 2 sail which I could use the battens on.

There are a varied assortment of pin head sails.

Kites- number 2 kite has seen most use as it's been a lot easier to use than the number 1 and my crew are pretty light weight. We compete against a 49er and can beat him quite easily with the number 2. She's showing the signs and has got the patches but still works well. Wings are aluminium and wing netting is worn and could do with replacing.

Ella is ready to sail and I have been replacing old with New as much as I can, sadly the UAE doesn't offer much in 18foot skiff range so I have had to forego replacing some of the larger parts as shipping cost is prohibitive. Asking £3500 please email scotty380@hotmail.co.uk

Reason for selling- I am returning to inland Australia and there is nowhere for me to sail her.

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